Powerful ROTAX® Engine

912 Series, providing 100 Horse Power
Rotax 912 ULS and 912 iS available

Choose the best SEAMAX for your application

You can choose between 3 different trims. One for a kind of application. Pick yours and choose your optionals package.



Rotax 912 ULS and 912 iS engine available

Folding Wing available

Analog Panel

Nautical Leather Seats


Combining light-weight and analog instruments, combined with the ultimate Garmin Aera 760 Nav system. Performance trim provides an exceptional useful load, extreme versatility, and powerful performance.

(ADSB in and out is standard in all trims

MSRP Starting at:

189,400 USD

(Standard Wing Version)



Rotax 912 ULS and 912 iS engine available

Folding Wing available

Two Garmin G3X Touchscreens

Auto-Pilot available

Parking brake

The Exclusive trim is an all glass version. It brings two 10.6" Garmin G3X touchscreen and a Garmin G5. 

This version comes with integrated communication system and Engine Integration System (EIS).

(ADSB in and out is standard in all trims)

MSRP Starting at:

199,600 USD

(Standard Wing Version)

Dual Garmin IFR  with Auto pilot.jpg

IFR + Auto Pilot

Rotax 912 ULS and 912 iS engine available

Folding Wing available

All Glass Panel - Dual Screen

Digital Back up


Certified GPS

Parking brake Available

This trim offers a dual Garmin G3X touchscreen combined with a G5 and with the resource of an Auto-pilot and a Certified Garmin GPS 175.

(ADSB in and out is standard in all trims)

MSRP Starting at:

215,600 USD

(Standard Wing Version)


The Legendary SEAMAX M-22

The SEAMAX M-22 brings the excitement of recreational flying to new heights. This award-winner aircraft carries a sophisticated Brazilian aviation heritage, exhibited by its exceptional craftsmanship and superb aerodynamic design. The M-22 can be effortlessly flown by amateur and professional pilots alike, making it the most adored amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft in its class.


From lakes to sprawling fields or secluded Caribbean lagoons, the M-22 is a SEAMAX of outstanding class, delivering adventure so intensely felt that it demands to be experienced again and again.




SEAMAX M-22 has been delivered in over 20 countries. We can deliver anywhere in the globe. If you are interested or have any question, our team will be happy to answer your inquiry. 


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