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Seamax launches financial program for aircraft acquisition

Once again, Seamax participates in the prestigious SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo annually in Lakeland-FL. Our booth is at L-11 on Main Gate. You will see a Seamax M-22 folding wing and take a flight in our simulator with a real aircraft cabin.

We take this opportunity to launch a long-term financing program to sell our aircraft with the lowest interest rate in the world:

• Financing Term: five(05) to nine(09) years.

• Financed amount: up to 85% of aircraft value.

• Interest rate: CIRR - simple interest (OECD Commercial Interest Reference Rate).

• Types of guarantee that can be accepted: Stand-by letter from a first-line bank or bank guarantee from a first-line bank.

About the CIRR - Commercial Interest Reference Rate: It is the minimum rate for granting official financial support stipulated by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). It is published on the OECD website at the beginning of each month. In addition, the CIRR can be checked on the website of the OECD:

We are focused on delivering acquired aircraft and making investments to increase the aircraft production rate in our existing plant. Soon, we will announce the creation of a new factory for Seamax M-22 aircraft. In addition, we completed a great deal of work to take Seamax to the next level with improve technical assistance, insurance, financing, and new product launches.

Interested or want to acquire a used Seamax M-22 aircraft and have secure information about the aircraft's history, we are at your complete disposal to provide all the information we have registered to increase the security of your acquisition.

Come fly in our simulator. Book your demo flight. Visit us at LD-11 on Main Gate.


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