SEAMAX 20 years of History

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Miguel Rosário, COO and Designer of SEAMAX M-22

In 1998 Miguel Rosario, an engineer, designer and draftsman conceived his 22nd project, the SeaMax M-22, an aircraft that became a worldwide success. Since 2001, Rosário dedicated his time and efforts to the development and prototype testing of the SeaMax M-22.

Miguel in his old factory building, located in Rio de Janeiro

The first M-22 aircraft was delivered in 2002. In 2004, the United States FAA introduced a new category for General Aviation, called Light-Sport Aircraft - LSA, in which SeaMax was immediately classified. In 2008, the SeaMax M-22 was certified by the FAA in the S-LSA category (Special Light-Sport Aircraft). In 2011 the company moved it’s headquarters from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil into a more sophisticated site in São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil and began steady production of four aircrafts per month. In 2012 SeaMax was awarded “Outstanding Best Commercial S-LSA” at the renowned Sun'n Fun Aviation Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

In June 2014, Gilberto Cunha Trivelato, a prominent engineer with an expertise in Defense Systems and Aerospace technologies acquired the company with the primary objectives of maintaining intellectual property and stabilizing the industrial plant in Brazil.

Dr. Gilberto Trivelato, CEO of SEAMAX Aircraft

In order to meet these objectives, Trivelato made it a priority to resume and expand production and develop new aircrafts, such as unmanned vehicles, agricultural aircrafts and a 5 seat plane. The company re- established its production capacity by hiring and empowering employees and applied for approval from the ANAC - Brazilian Aviation Authority. Shortly thereafter the SeaMax M-22 foldable wing version was introduced. The SeaMax M22 has appeared on more than 40 specialized aircraft magazine covers all over the world and simultaneously became a model for FAA Certification standards for the LSA category.

Today, after nineteen years of Research and Development and continuous improvements and enhancement, SeaMax is certified by Aviation Authorities in 19 countries and has sold 150 units in 20+ countries.

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