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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

On this Sunday, November 1st of 2020, in a ceremony with Brazilian aviation specialists, authorities, and close friends, SEAMAX AIRCRAFT LTDA delivered its first aircraft certified under ANAC's ALE (Aeronave Leve Esportiva) rules in Brazil, an equivalent to the USA FAA's Light-Sport category.

SEAMAX has been already certified in over a dozen countries, and last year, after Brazilian Aviation Authority, ANAC, regulated the ALE category following international ASTM standards, the SEAMAX M-22 became the third approved model under this category in Brazil. 

The Seamax M-22 was the first amphibious aircraft to obtain the Type Certificate in Europe in 2005, even before the effectiveness of the Special - Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) category, in addition to approval in several countries around the world. It is the earliest amphibious aircraft currently in production to hold an approval in the S-LSA category back in 2008, by the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). After the ruling of the equivalent category in Brazil, the Aeronave Leve ESportiva Especial (ALE-E), which became effective in 2017, Seamax M-22 obtained the final approval of ANAC in April 2019.

For an aircraft to obtain the ALE certification, it must be approved in all the ASTM standards requirements, ranging from the project's design through its manufacture to customer support. In other words, the certification transfers the responsibility of the product to specialized professionals, who in turn was liable to the screening of the requirements demanded in the standards, removing the responsibility of the operator as it is done in the case of experimental aviation where the operator "flies on its own sole risk."

The aircraft certification as ALE-E (Sport Light Aircraft - Special) allows the aircraft operation in densely populated areas, allowing operations in large urban centers such as Campo de Marte airport in São Paulo capital, or Pampulha airport in Belo Horizonte. These operating rules will enable the operator to draw shorter routes without deviating from large centers, as was the case before in the experimental category.

The certification also made it possible for the Seamax M-22 to be used for flight instructions, validating the hours required to obtain a private pilot's license and allowing the operator to obtain "amphibious clearance." It can be used as a glider tug and to provide small services.

SEAMAX is continually listening to the customer's voice and the most prominent aviation experts connected with the most renowned aviation institutions in the world to define the future of general aviation in the amphibious modality.

For the company's CEO, Dr. Gilberto Trivelato, the moment is suitable for the resumption and development of the domestic market and "will allow the company to integrate and leverage the Seamax M-22 aircraft as an effective instrument for leisure, services and as well as personal transport in Brazil".


The SEAMAX M-22 is a high-performance amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft with global sales. It has been on the market for over 20 years and received several awards worldwide. Built of composite materials and pursuant of the safest records in the category, this sophisticated aircraft uniqueness relies upon its ability to remain light, granting exceptional performance, broad range, and an outstanding useful load. The SEAMAX is manufactured in Brazil and is now assembled in the USA.

See some photos of the event below

SEAMAX launches assembly operations in the USA. Read more HERE

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