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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

SEAMAX Hangar in the USA, located at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Advanced Research Park

The Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer, SEAMAX Aircraft, announces this month the launch of the company assembly operations in the USA.

In pandemic times, while most businesses are holding tight on their seatbelts, SEAMAX moves a step forward and makes a bold statement to the market by adding an "assembled in the USA" tag to their superior performance aircraft, the SEAMAX M-22. This company has been planning this move for the past three years, requiring extensive market research and engineering upgrades. For this task, the company engaged with the world premiere aviation institution, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where some 100 students, both graduate, and undergraduate students tutored by business professors, prepared comprehensive business assessments were taken seriously by SEAMAX core administration.

Concomitantly with the market research, SEAMAX was already developing new features to the M-22 to match with the US market needs. New instrument panel versions, including a sophisticated all-glass cockpit, have been introduced. New safety features have been added, and the Rotax 912 iS, injected engine, is now offered as an option to the aircraft. With all these variables combined, this year, SEAMAX delivered its first IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) capable aircraft customized to a veteran fighter pilot and international Boeing 767 Captain for a Major US Airline company.

With an already-superior product, now enhanced for the USA market, the company strengthens its brand and presence in the USA by adding the assembly operations, which brings factory-level support, maintenance, spare parts inventory, and training capabilities to the USA, in a prime location at Daytona Bech International Airport, Florida. The company brand new assembly line building is located at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Research Park with a brand new taxiway designed to provide convenient access to the facilities.

SEAMAX M-22, which has been exported to over twenty countries, and holds a certification in more than a dozen countries, has been manufactured since 2000. Today, after 20 years of continuous engineering improvement, the product is mature enough to allow the company to transfer technology to the United States. "This has been a very bold but conservative, gradual, and very well planned move for our company." advocates Shalom Confessor, SEAMAX Executive Director for the United States. "SEAMAX is continuously listening to the voice of the customer and the most prominent aviation experts and connected with the most reputable aviation institutions in the globe before we decided to bring the assembly operations to the United States," adds Mr. Confessor.

For the company CEO, Dr. Gilberto Trivelato, the SEAMAX assembly in the US "will allow the company to integrate and leverage the Seamax M-22 aircraft as a business and the company future developments and projects into the USA existing cluster to accelerate further our technology and business capabilities by the exchange of know-how.


The SEAMAX M-22 is a high-performance amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft with global sales. It has been on the market for over 20 years and received several awards worldwide. Built of composite materials and pursuant of the safest records in the category, this sophisticated aircraft uniqueness relies upon its ability to remain light, granting exceptional performance, broad range, and an outstanding useful load. The SEAMAX is manufactured in Brazil and is now assembled in the USA.

SEAMAX assembly in the USA is located at:

1535, Aviation Center Pkwy Unit 02 Daytona Beach, FL

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