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ANOTHER SEAMAX DELIVERED. SN 161 goes to Fort Lauderdale, FL

This Monday, December 22 of 2020, Seamax Aircraft LTDA delivered its Serial Number 161 to another US happy customer at Deland Municipal Airport at Deland, FL. The new owner, Mark Stanley, is an experienced international captain at a major US airline and will be operating his brand new SEAMAX out of the Fort Lauderdale area.

Mark's SEAMAX is an impressive Performance Trim, with Rotax, a 912 ULS engine equipped with two Garmin G5, analog gauges, and the ultimate Garmin area 760 Touchscreen GPS, which brings portability to the SEAMAX navigation.

"It is common to hear the market referring to "customer experience" cases. In our case, customers like Mark brings SEAMAX "Seller's Experience," where mutual information symbiosis allows us to build the perfect airplane based on the customer's expectations and mission needs. Also, having experienced customers like Mark in our customer base helps SEAMAX M-22 to keep its outstanding Safety Records." says Shalom Confessor, Seamax's Executive Director in the USA.


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