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Wing Position

Fodable Wing


Empy Weight

Max. Takeoff Weight

Useful Load


Fuel Capacity


Country of Origin

Aircraft Delivered

FAA Classification

FAI Classification


FAA Approved

1 + 1

19.8 ft (6.05 m)

33.5 ft 8 in (10.08 m)

High Wing, Strut-Braced


6.25 ft (1.9 m)

715 lb (325 kg)*

1,320 lb (599 kg)

600 lb (272 kg)

Rotax 912 ULS / 912 iS - 100 hp 

26 US Gal (98 L)

Seamax Aircraft LTDA



Light Sport Aircraft

Class R - Microlights



*ULM version



Maximum Speed Flight (VH)

Crusing Speed

Stall Speed (Flaps Full Down)

Operating Celling

Rate of Climb

Takeoff Distance (Land)

Takeoff Distance (Water)

Landing Distance (Land)

Landing Distance (Water)

Never Exceed Speed (VNe)

Max. Maneuvering Speed (VA)

630 mi (1018 km)

134 mph

115 mph (185 km/h)

39 kts / 45 mph (58 km/h)

12,000 ft (3.657 m)

980 ft/min (5 m/s)

500 ft (153 m)

500 ft (153 m)

400 ft (122 m)

400 ft (122 m)

155 mph (249 km/h)

110 mph (177 km/h)

Rotax Powerplant

ROTAX 912 Series, the most reliable engine in Light-Sport Aviation

Rotax 912 ULS


Rotax 912 series the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the same weight. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class ‒ no surprise that this engine is the best selling 4-stroke aircraft engine.


This series is available as non-certified (Rotax 912 ULS) and certified engine (Rotax 912 S) according to FAR 33.


  • 4-cylinder

  • 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders

  • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet

  • 2 carburetors

  • Mechanical fuel pump

  • Dual electronic ignition

  • Electric starter

  • Propeller speed reduction unit

  • Air intake system

Rotax 912 iS


Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 S/ULS engine the new Rotax 912 iS Sport engine offers all well known advantages of the Rotax 4-stroke engine series complemented by additional features, for example, the engine management system. The complete package presents the latest technology in the aircraft engine industry and will enhance the flying and ownership experience of pilots. The Rotax 912 iS Sport engine offers a TBO (time between overhauls) of 2,000 hours.


  • 4-cylinder

  • 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders

  • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappets

  • Redundant electronic fuel injection

  • Engine management system

  • Electric starter

  • Propeller speed reduction unit

  • Air intake system

Propeller Sensenich


SEAMAX M-22 brings standard the reliable and state-of-the-art Sensenich Propeller.

This premium 3 blade propeller also features the new PowerSweep blade planform. Sensenich propeller is manufactured using an internal pressure, closed mold system to produce a hollow, one piece blade. The process yields very repeatable blades with maximum strength, durability, and low weight.  This propeller has the strength and durability to give you thousands of hours of trouble free flying.

This propeller features a co-cured bonded stainless steel leading edge for erosion and FOD protection.  The two piece hub is manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum and is either alodined or anodized for corrosion protection.

The Pitch Pin Indexing System allows its users to set a broad range of pitches, using the system’s Pin Indexing system to make adjustments. The pins that come with each propeller allow 12 inches of pitch adjustment, affording maximum performance within an efficient aerodynamic envelope. The Index Pin locates the blade and then you simply lock the blades in place..

The 3 Blade Rotax propeller is suitable for use on the 912 80HP, 912S 100HP and 914 115HP.  The propeller is available as a 68″ diameter and can be trimmed down to 65″ diameter.

Composite spinners are available for these propellers in 9.5″ diameter.

Propeller Warp Drive


Warp Drive Propellers are all carbon fiber construction providing superior strength and durability in there lightweight props. The construction of Warp Drive blades allows for very simple repair of any nicks and gouges. All props are ground adjustable. Blades are also individually replaceable. Standard blades can be used on Rotax, Arrow, VW and similar engines. High-horsepower blades (HP) will be needed for Lycoming, Continental and certain auto conversion engines. Warp Drive offers three types of hubs: A Standard Hub is an assembly of aluminum plates and composite clamping blocks which accommodates hub bolt pattern of up to 3-1/8". Standard is generally used for 2-stroke engines with a 75mm bolt pattern and 3-1/2" bolts. The second type of hub is the HP Hub consisting of two halves of solid aluminum. The HP Hub is for Continental & Lycoming engines which use AN6-35A bolts with the face plate. The HPL Hub is an option to the Standard Hub for 2-stroke engines. HPL's are lighter than the Standard Hub (1 lb. lighter on 2-blade prop and 1.5 lbs. lighter on 3-blade props) which both use 3" bolts. HPL Hubs can be used for Rotax engines. Propellers cannot be returned.

SEAMAX Aircraft is the leader in folding wing technology. This game-changing component has set a new standard for the industry.


Folding the SEAMAX wings is an easy one-person operation that can be completed safely in under one minute and allows the aircraft to be easily be transported or stored in tight spaces.


Folding Wings

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