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This dashboard includes two G3X Touch system that offers the operator easy-to-read, easy-to-use, two sunlight-readable screen, efficient access to information, high-resolution 10.6" inch flight displays with split-screen functionality, and a host of advanced interface options.

The G3X Touch display provides pilots with an intuitive split-screen mode with the option to view PFD, MFD, and engine information on a single display, EFIS, GPS, weather information, External camera, Synthetic vision which provides a rich, three-dimensional description of terrain, obstacles, water features, the runway environment. G3X Touch conveniently displays VFR Sectionals and IFR Enroute Charts, which provide pertinent information in-flight while on an IFR or VFR flight plan.

The Garmin G5 display is a backup instrument to G3X. Garmin G5 has a 3.5-inch sunlight-readable liquid crystal display (LCD) with built-in GPS, G5 displays attitude, ground track, altitude, airspeed, ground speed, vertical speed.

Integrated communication system

The Radio, transponder, and intercom are modules integrated with the G3X touch.

The Radio Module (GTR 20) includes a 2-place stereo intercom that is ideal for 2-seat aircraft with the adjustable cockpit noise levels. The G3X Touch interface allows access to emergency frequency tuning, pilot audio isolation, saved frequencies list, music mute, or push-to-talk. Plus, optional installed remote switches on the flight controls allow pilots to keep their hands on the controls while performing functions like swapping the active and standby frequencies.

The Transponder Module (GTX 45R) is the next generation of transponders! It offers a complete ADS-B in/out solution with all the weather and traffic benefits, useful traffic data, including aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent and heading information. You will have clear view of traffic, weather information (in time) and advanced design.

Safety items

The G3X Touch has an Integrated Back-up Battery System which provides back-up power to critical electronics such as EFIS, GPS, Navigators, Radios, Autopilots and Engine monitors.

Each Screen has an individual GPS antenna, creating a redundancy.

The Garmin G5 display has an Integrated Back-up Battery System for 4hs.

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

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