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When it can't get any better, SEAMAX M-22 receives new wings... Welcome to the Carbon Fiber World

The SEAMAX M-22, performance Amphibious LSA.

Over the past few years, Seamax has invested significantly in optimizing the M-22. When you think the best amphibious aircraft in the market couldn't get any better, the company Research and Development team introduces a new disruptive feature that brings our Engineering to a whole new level.

The best performer aircraft in LSA amphibious category just got new wings. Now built of Carbon-Fiber.

With more than 30 years of experience in seaplanes and extensive knowledge in Carbon Fiber structures, Seamax's lead designer and COO Miguel Rosário has decided to pursue perfection by redesigning the Seamax's M-22 wings. Although the existing aluminum wing is already pursuant of a successful history and track-record, Miguel captured that there were still a few points to optimize and modernize, such as the following:


The replacement of materials for the carbon fiber all along the the wings' structure, flaps, and ailerons will allow a reduction of significant 25% of the wings' total weight.

The new Carbon-fiber wings structure: cleaner, lighter and stronger.


Carbon fiber has been introduced because of its properties, such as high tensile strength, low specific weight, outstanding durability, resistance to chemical attacks, and zero corrosion susceptibility. Corrosion is the main villain in the useful life of materials and the cause of many failures.


Inside the wing, the aircraft now feature a precisely engineered aluminum unibody fuel tank built of just one aluminum piece in each wing to prevent fuel leaks. The new tanks have a more extensive section and a smaller length. This change allow a much more reliable and seamless production process using only one piece of the metal as a "skin." Thus it will hold only one join point on the top surface, making it virtually impossible any fuel leak from the tanks.

New fuel tanks made of just one piece of folded aluminum: lighter and leakproof.


The wings' redesign makes the airplane structurally more harmonic once the new aircraft structure is made 100% of composite materials. The main structure's geometry has now increased the rigid airfoil area and created a flat region for the ribs' attachment, meaning that the wings surface becomes cleaner and flatter.

Side cut of the wing, showing the harmony of its structure.


As the existing wing covering system is proven successful after over twenty years of operation in countries with severe weather conditions (from the below zeros in Scandinavia to the burning Australian Outback heat), there is no need to reinvent the wheel in order to remain lighter, safer, and stronger than any other technology of coverage available in the market. Therefore, the new wing covering system will introduce only minor changes such as new fabric and the state-of-the-art proprietary process to make it waterproof and durable.


The new wings' manufacturing process will optimize the production time thru a much more seamless process which will reduce the labor time in 40%, resulting in a better overall lead time of the Seamax’s production and quality control.

SUN’N FUN 2021

Every new aircraft produced starting in April 2021 will feature the new carbon-fiber wing structure as standard. A new avionics panel lineup with three different trims is to be announced soon, along with new price for the aircraft versions in order to adjust and to reflect the new technology add-on, but for customers who commit with a purchase until the end of Sun N Fun airshow, the new upgrades, including the new carbon-fiber structure wing, will be offered and granted at the “old" price (listed on the website until mid-April).

This year’s Sun N Fun Airshow, Seamax will exhibit at the Large Display, booth LD 04.

Miguel Rosário, Seamax’ Lead Designer and COO.

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