SEAMAX M-22 now offers Rotax 912 iS engine option

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Rotax 912 iS, 100 HP injection engine.



In production since 2001, the SEAMAX M-22, well known as a high-performance Light-Sport amphibious aircraft, has today delivered over 170 units in more than 30 countries. Every single aircraft was delivered to its respective customers along with the powerful Rotax 912 ULS engine. This year the company is adding the Rotax’s fuel injected 100 Horse Power engine, the 912 iS.

Last year the company started its operations in the US, positioning their office inside the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Research Park at Daytona Beach, FL. Since then, SEAMAX became closer to the US market and confirmed presence in multiple airshows, including Sun’N Fun Airshow this April at Lakeland, FL.

The first aircraft delivered with the new 912 iS engine goes to Norway, but there are already a dozen orders of this version coming from US customers, says the Executive Director of the company in the US. “Since when we relocated part of our operations into the US, we have been taking diligent notes on our customer's feedback to consistently improve our product in order to meet the market needs,” says the director, “and featuring a fuel injected version was one major demand” adds the executive.

SEAMAX M-22, designed by prominent aeronautical draftsman Miguel Rosário is manufactured in Brazil and has solid global sales. SEAMAX design won several aeronautical awards, such as the "Outstanding Commercial S-LSA” at Sun’n Fun in the USA, and the Schneider Cup in Italy, and it has featured more than 40 specialized magazines in the world. Made of composite materials, SEAMAX uniqueness relies upon its ability to remain light, granting exceptional performance, large range and one of the greatest useful load in the category.

For Light Sport Aviation enthusiasts, the new SEAMAX engine option brings excitement and a world of possibilities, such as the control of the engine by FADEC providing to the user, intelligent fuel consumption and enhanced performance.

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